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The Miracle of Hydropure 90 Zeolites*

*NAS registered trade name “HYDROPURE-90”

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At Natural Aquatic Solutions, we are proud to provide our clients with natural KMI clinoptilolite zeolite from one of the largest and purest deposits in the word.

Zeolite is a crystalline hydrated alumino-silicate that possesses a unique three-dimensional honeycomb framework. This structure creates a series of interconnecting channels and pores that account for over 50% of its total surface. As a result, zeolite acts as a molecular sieve that traps and binds particles of various sizes while allowing others to pass through. These characteristics provide it with exceptional absorption, adsorption and cation exchange capabilities.

As zeolite is a natural and non-toxic mineral, it provides a safe and effective means to absorb moisture, filter toxins, increase nutrient intake and remove odors. Above and beyond these features, we are set apart in the industry because our natural clinoptilolite zeolite is 97% pure. At KMI Zeolite Inc., we are proud to provide our clients with a product that is effective, environmentally friendly and of the highest possible quality.

Zeolite Applications
Based on the characteristics of natural clinoptilolite zeolite, we have identified seven major applications for our product. They include the following:

  1. Animal husbandry
  2. Absorbents and reclamation
  3. Water filtration
  4. Soil treatment
  5. Odor control
  6. Traction control
  7. Construction

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